Tauranga is in a wonderful place and while we have big challenges ahead we also have some wonderful opportunities.

The port of Tauranga soon to be the main hub of all New Zealand shipping. Railways set up to distribute and collect goods from all over the country. The Tauranga eastern motorway making 500 acres of industrial land just 20 minutes from the port. Pyes Pa West industrial land just 15 minutes from the port…. and our roading infrastructure is at last beginning to catch up

There is a long list of initiatives out in the community that are about to bear fruit but we need strong leadership. Council needs to be a strong cohesive group leading the way forward. If we don’t have strength and unity we have fragmentation and confusion.

In order for council to lead council must be a place of respect, of integrity, of trust, of mana. It should be an honor to be elected.

Council should be held in high regard by the community.

In order to lead you need trust. Council needs to be a place of transparency and accountability. Councilors and council staff must provide transparency and accountability in everything they do - and the lead should come from councilors. I would like to suggest councilors put in weekly reports to go on the city web site so you can see what you are getting for your money (ie time sheets).

To take advantage of our many opportunities you need collaboration. You need councilors that can work with the community, with staff, with our many partners like Western BOPDC, Environment BOP, BOP PolyTech etc. It’s collaboration that gets results such as the 800 million being spent in the Tauranga region by Government.

Finally: Managed Growth. Get the above right and we have growth. Growth is what we all feed on. It provides opportunities, better jobs, better wages, it provides infrastructure and amenities, it keeps the value of your home moving up, it helps to manage rates.

It makes Tauranga a more vibrant a happier healthier and stronger place .

Growing Tauranga

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