We need a non-political task force to investigate funding our City.

We need a non-political task force to investigate funding our City.


All fast growing Cities have problems funding infrastructure.

Government recognise Tauranga and the Western Bay is one of the economic drivers of our national economy.
It has encouraged growth by investing large amounts of money in the form of roads rail hospitals schools and other. All very good, but after encouraging growth it then leaves us to forward fund the balance.

Of our nearly four hundred million dollar debt most is growth related. Not to plan forward would be totally irresponsible, but Planning for growth has left us with a problem.

The City’s growth is funded in a number of ways. Rates, growth paying for growth, (ie new home buyers), and user pay where we can.

We have some real horse power in Tauranga and we need to harness it.

The task force will have to concentrate on. The government helping to fund centres of key economic development. The Regional Council supporting growth related infrastructure. The Council encouraging commercial development. Encouraging philanthropy and community investment to help deliver needed facilities. Investigating other forms of internationally recognised mechanisms to spread the load. Not an easy road to travel, it may take years to make head way but the first step is the most important.

Terry Molloy

Come on Tauranga - best foot forward.

I must say I am looking forward to the world cup. The build up to the final will be great. To win, will be the icing on the cake, if we don’t I am sure we will get over it.

But what really excites me is our opportunity to show the world what good hosts we are.

As we show off our beautiful country, It doesn’t matter what the reason be it rugby tennis or marbles Ninety thousand visitors what an opportunity.

Tauranga is well placed to be part of that special show case, most of those visitors will come through our region, what better place in the world to emigrate to and set up your business.

There has been some excellent work done by a number of organisations to promote, to showcase, to make Tauranga a fun place to be. A place of opportunities. To make Tauranga the place to return to.

These may be difficult times, but we don’t have to be wealthy to be a good host.

Come on Tauranga. It’s a wonderful opportunity!

Terry Molloy

Past Chairman Greerton Village re-development

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